Zwave nodes going "DEAD" and still working

I have a few nodes that get marked as DEAD and their light starts flashing. (Intermetic CA600 wall switches) some actually still toggle and work. a few dont work. when i pair them back up to my old retired Vera lite they work and never go DEAD or flash again. is there something i am missing in the zwave config? running an Aeon gen 5 Stick on OH. i know i need to exclude/include when I move the CA’s between the OH stick and Vera.

############# Z-Wave Binding ##############
zwave:port = /dev/ttyACM0
zwave:healtime = 2
zwave:masterController = true
zwave:softReset = false
zwave:setSUC = true

Nodes will be marked as DEAD if they don’t respond to requests. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t control them - just that the contoller isn’t getting the response back (maybe!).

I don’t know what the “their light starts flashing” means? What does this indicate?

There’s nothing to configure.

when they are “excluded” they flash a little led on the switch. when they are “included” the led goes off. so for me with the old vera its been only new not included switches. when I include them it goes out… how do I keep them from marking as DEAD? they are red in habmin… and work perfectly in the vera world…

I don’t know how they can get excluded - this is something totally different to being DEAD. A DEAD node is only dead as far as openhab is concerned - it doesn’t mean that it is excluded from the network.

Maybe there’s another reason for the red light blinking? If the switches really are being excluded, then I don’t understand how this can happen.

right. i will check into any other reasons the led would blink. according to the internet it could be a power issue. so… a bit of paint will cover the blinking lights :slight_smile:

but marking it DEAD and red in habmin… anything i can do there? its not always the same switches…

DEAD nodes are generally caused by retries - if the device times out 3 times, then HABmin marks it as DEAD. This doesn’t mean it’s not working - it just means that it’s not working well, and if you try and send a command again, it will not perform any retries to avoid blocking the network for a long period of time. If the device responds, it will be marked ALIVE again.

So, normally this is due to poor network communications. Maybe you had the same issue with the Vera, but you didn’t know because Vera doesn’t tend to report the informaiton so quickly. It would be worth looking at the network topology to see how many neighbors each device has…