Zwave - nodes separate from rest of mesh - solved

I’ve recently been seeing an odd effect with my zwave network. New nodes are not joining the mesh network - they respond to the controller if close to it, but won’t communicate with other nodes. The Habmin viewer shows the troublesome nodes as unconnected from everything else - diagram below.

Anyone got any ideas how to fix this?

any help would be really appreciated!


This seems to be a problem with the zwave binding (I’m using the standard OH2 binding). No matter how many times I removed/added the nodes, I had the same problem. I then switched tack, and used the Zensys tool to add the nodes - they add fine, and are now properly part of the mesh. Odd!

The development version of the binding fixes this.

cool - thanks. Am holding off on updating to that as my previous attempt to update to the OH2.1 snapshot ended badly.