ZWave - Not able to include device FGR223 - how to verify zwave-binding installation

What did I do:
Try to install the zwave-binding 2.5 snapshot

No discovery of new devices in Paper-UI possible.
No zwave binding visible
No zwave-binding results in the log

“bundle:list” gives me “-bash: bundle:list: command not found”

How do I verify the correct installation of the binding ?
All help is welcome

Look at the log file for openhab. My guess is that openhab is not able to start the zwave binding.
When installing the binding manually you usually need a couple of more dependencies.

The bundle:list command can be run using karaf, i.e ssh -p 8101 openhab@localhost (password habopen).

Take a look at this post, should give you some insights on how to run a snapshot jar file of the zwave binding.

Actually, the easy way is to update with the install script.

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Yeah, I agree, best thing is probably to use openhabian-config and install 2.5.m2.

Thank you.
updating to the testing branch 2.5.m2 did the trick.


  1. sudo openhabian-config
  2. selected line marked 40
  3. selected “testing”
  4. installed zwave-binding via paper-UI
  5. deleted in Things the “unknown device”
  6. scanned for new zwave devices
    -> FGR223 was found.
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