Zwave or ZWay binding?

Hey there,
im going to start using zwave. As seen in the doc, there are 2 Zwave bindings: ZWave and ZWay.
Im a bit confused, cause I dont see the difference. Which I have to use, which works better?
I bought an Z-Wave ZME_UZB1 Stick, FIBEFGMS-001-ZW5 (Fibaro Motion Sensor) and FIBEFGS-223 (Fibaro Relais-Switch).
I thank you for every hint.



ZWay binding works only with ZWave.Me devices - RaZberry addon board or, like you have, the UZB stick.
It does require that you run also the z-way-server (and the openHAB connector for it) as this binding is merely a"link" between OH2 and z-way-server.
I run OH2 and ZWay binding on a RPi3 and the RaZberry daughter card and I very happy with it.


So in case of zWay i need the binding, and a seperate server, while in case of zWave i got an “all in one”-solution?

I am using the same USB zwave stick and some fibaro devices.
My OH2 (in the beginning OH1) works without any hazzle since almost a year with the real “zwave” binding.


Sorry to revive this, I’m new to OH and just found your answer @Mihai_Badea.

I’m currently running ZWay on a RPI 3 with a Razberry board. I would very much like to switch to OH. Until I read your post I had thought that I need the ZWay Binding only when I want to keep ZWay running parallel to OH. IOW, I though that OH natively supported the Razberry board in its ZWave Binding. Is that not correct?

Also, will OH pickup (discover?) my existing ZWave network and keep the inclusions?

Sorry for such basic stuff, but I’m really quite new to this.


I’m completely new to openhab and have already read in this forum for quite some time. I am still confused and don’t know if I need something more besides of course openhab2, the zwave binding, the zwave usb-stick as the zwave controler and of one or more zwave devices like switches, sensors, etc. Do I additionally need for instance the ZWay software and the according license in order to get started or is this software dispensable if I only want to use openhab?

Thank you very much for your help!

Zway is a commercial solution for zwave and there is a Zway binding to use it with openHAB.

The Z-Wave binding is completely different and incompatible with Zway. Just buy a USB controller, devices, and use the Z-Wave binding. I recommend this option.

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Hello Scott,
I am so glad to have dared to have my very first question asked and answered so very quick and so very clear!
Thank you so much!

You’re welcome… and welcome to the forum!

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