Zwave outdoor temperature&humidity sensor?

Hi guys,
Can anyone recommend outdoor zwave sensor? Or recommend what are you using in your smart home?

The sensor I am using (PAT02-B Z-Wave room sensor) is not rated outdoor, and after few foggy nights with 100% humidty it went crazy. I guess it got fried by the humidity, and now works unreliable.
shows 100%, then suddenly 0%, then again 100%, then 5,6, again 100 and so on. lets say 20% of the time it shows rubbish. also make my graph look insane. the sensor is few months old.

I can try with another indoor sensor but dont want to keep throwing money on sensors that will break.

I also tried using xiaomi zigbee temp/hum sensor, but it kept losing connection (i think metalized glass on balcony bothers him)

I am using Sharp weather station with an outdoor sensor for 8 years without any issues, but that weather station is not smart, there is no way to take the data off the screen. the region is middle east.

im using the Zw074 usb powered and corverd under my Carport.

Works fine.
Hope it helps!