Zwave parameter configuration in OH2

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(Shorty707) #30

parameters 61 and 62

that would enable to set the color of the led ring of the plug via a rule

(Shorty707) #31

If you give me a hint what channel I should use … I would add these under Configuration in the DB.


(Chris Jackson) #32

Sorry I’ve not had the chance to look at this - I had a long flight delay returning from the USA and only got home yesterday afternoon but will take a look today.

(Shorty707) #33

Let me guess… United … I always have huge delays from/to US with them … :confused:

(Chris Jackson) #34

No - it was British Airways. Apparently the tail was damaged when it landed at Heathrow so they had to find a replacement aircraft which took nearly 24 hours…

(Chris Jackson) #35

I’ve updated the exporter to generate custom channels so that we can re-use the options in the parameter configurations. I’m not sure this is really used by UIs, but it’s there all the same…

(Chris Jackson) #36

I’ve just kicked off a new build which should be complete in about 30 minutes - let me know how it works…

(Shorty707) #37

for a quick test I added it on the UI

WORKS LIKE A CHARM :smiley: :heart_eyes:

For people stumbling over this… this might save a minute:

Selection item=zwave_device_15348538564_node8_config_decimal_param61 label="LED ON" mappings=[0=Steps_Watts, 1=Continous_Watts, 2=White, 3=Red, 4=Green, 5=Blue, 6=Yellow, 7=Cyan, 8=Magenta, 9=Off]
Selection item=zwave_device_15348538564_node8_config_decimal_param62 label="LED OFF" mappings=[0=LastPowerStep, 1=White, 2=Red, 3=Green, 4=Blue, 5=Yellow, 6=Cyan, 7=Magenta, 8=Off]

Zwave things with advanced config parameters
(wolf_from_the_north) #38

Thnx chris :wink:

(SiLeX) #39

I still don’t unterstand which Channel I need to use.

I tried both {channel="zwave:device:bridge:node10:config:decimal:param2"} and {channel="zwave:device:bridge:node10:config_1_2"} in my items file. Of course, none of them worked.

I honestly have no idea where to get that channel from? PaperUI only shows the normal non-configuration channels like “Brightness” and “State”.

Thank you for any ideas.

(Shorty707) #40

I think you talk about another device. Not the fibaro plug.
If the parameter was not added as a channel in the DB this wont work.

(SiLeX) #41

True, I was hoping this was something universally usable.

Looks like I have to stick with the REST call for now. Thanks.

(Shorty707) #42

Or add the desired to the Database if from General interest to many other users

(SiLeX) #43

I will try and do this as soon as I have the real need. I just wanted to understand what is going on. Don’t have a device like this, yet.

(Michael Sutter) #44


Should this work?

I receive the warning
00:48:57.773 [WARN ] [ding.zwave.handler.ZWaveThingHandler] - NODE 73: Command for unknown channel zwave:device:02fc84a6:node73:scene_number with DecimalType

My item

Number			EG_Gang_RGB_Scene			"Licht Szene"						<colorlight>	(gEG_Gang, gEG_Gang_RGB, gLights)				{channel="zwave:device:02fc84a6:node73:scene_number"}

(SiHui) #45

Yes, but you have to activate the scenes in your switch (only works with FGS223/213, not with the 222):

HABmin -> select node -> Configuration Parameters -> ser Parameter 28 and 29 to 15 (=all scene numbers).

You are then able to trigger in your rules on scene numbers:

//Switch 1 1xclick=1.0 ,2xclick=1.3,3xclick=1.4,press and hold=1.1
//Switch 2 1xclick=2.0 ,2xclick=2.3,3xclick=2.4,press and hold=2.1

rule "test scenes"
	Item EG_Gang_RGB_Scene received update 1.1 // or one of the other scene numbers
 	// do stuff

Edit: okay, this thread is about the RGBW controller, sorry …

(Herbert) #46

Hi guys!

I read through most of the relevant threads - still can’t get it working with a Fibaro RGBW Dimmer:

Number	varAnimation_LedCouch	"Programm LED Couch"				<settings>			(gAutorules)	{channel="zwave:device:fakeNUMBER:node50:scene_number_param72"}

Used within rule:

rule "Alarmanlage"
when Item gAlarms changed from OFF to ON then
    if (varAlarmanlage.state == ON) {
        sendNotification("","Alarmanlage ausgelöst")
        sendNotification("","Alarmanlage ausgelöst")
        sendMail(mailToMe,"Alarmanlage ausgelöst", "Alarmanlage ausgelöst")


Also tried to change the parameter manually via Habmin - no luck -any ideas?


(Ahmad Yazan Tibi) #47

Dear Community,

How can I change parameter from rules without using sendHttpPutRequest, because there will be no wifi in the area ?

(Chris Jackson) #48

Eclipse doesn’t provide functionality to do this unfortunately.

We can create channels in the database for parameters that are routinely required to be changed, so if you have a good use case we can add a channel.

(Ahmad Yazan Tibi) #49

Like in fibaro rgbw, I want to set parameter 11 to different period based on some events and time ?