Zwave razberry2 issues

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: raspberry pi3b+
    • OS: rasbian stretch
    • Java Runtime Environment: openjdk
    • openHAB version: 2
  • Issue of the topic:

I have a razberry2 board connected and the binding is configured I can switch some wall plugs also my window sensors are found but in the paper ui I can’t see them working. If I open/close a window nothing happend to the “thing” can someone help me adding them correctly.

How do I add them to the standard ui?

You have a fundamental misunderstanding of OH. PaperUI is for administration purposes only, and things will not change states.
Please go read the docs (link at the top) and take the beginner’s tutorial. You’re looking for the sitemap.

Okay now i understand IT. Bitte how do i integrade the Door window sensor to my sitemap

A line like Text item=itemname
Look at the demo sitemap files.

I Out this in my items File

Switch Test "Test" {channel=zwave.....}

And my sitemap

Switch item=Test

But the Switch ist not turned on/off…

A window sensor isn’t of ‘Switch’ type but a Contact. But there’s a large number of potential reasons if it does not work the way you expect it to.
Either way, read more docs and get into debugging yourself, don’t expect people to tell you each and every step.

i see this in my paper UI

Door/Window Sensor (#15)



so I guessing this is a switch so I need to add it to my sitemap as a switch??

You can’t flip it so it should be a contact (although to define it as a switch will work as well).
PaperUI lists the item to be a zway (!) channel but you configured it to use the zwave channel.
Decide on using either of these bindings but not both, I’d advise to go for the zwave binding.