Zwave remote device not initialized after a long time without using it


I have a nodon remote which was working correctly, but after sometime without using it (probably a week as I’ve been travelling) it doesn’t work any more although I can see it the log the following message when I click any button from the remote.

==> openhab.log <==
2016-11-23 20:45:21.974 [WARN ] [ssage.ApplicationCommandMessageClass] - NODE 8: Not initialized yet, ignoring message.

How can I reinitilized the device? I have HABmin installed.


It should initialise itself if the wakeup interval was previously set, otherwise you should wake up the device with it close to the controller. Normally this is done by pressing a button on the device a few times - the manual should say how to wake the device up…

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Thanks for the quick response.

I have read the manual without success, although it clearly indicate this is supported.

Can you help? Manual can be found at CRC 300 Manual

It states -:

Warning : In order that the remote takes into account the update of association groups and/or configuration parameters just modified through your home automation gateway, it is necessary to wake it up. To do so, press on any button of the remote. The new associations and/or configuration parameters will be then effective.

So it looks like pressing any button, with the controller close to the device, should work (but I wonder if you’re going to tell me that’s what you’ve done :wink: ).

What is close? I was like 5 centemeters away from the raspberry.

this remote has a min and max interval of 0 in the xml

so it does not allow a regular wakeup … only using it after e.g. a oh2 reboot helps to initalize as you quoted from the manual.

since this remote extreme badly works with routing on my network (despite i have plenty of mains) the remote is almost useless to me. must be something like 2 -3meters at max from the controller (and no walls etc) to see my button press in the log

From the node xml file:

    <lastWakeup>2016-11-11 21:36:31.759 UTC</lastWakeup>

For me, the remote works really well, I’m right now in a different room (walls between us) and can see it the error in the logs with no problem. Sorry to hear you are having a bad experience with it. Did you check with the manufacturer?

can you post a screenshot of your network ? Habmin -> Tools -> Network

Can I change the node xml manually? What values are accepted for min and max?

no . it does not support this.
you must wake it up by going close to the controller and use the buttons on the remote a couple times.

As you can see, I have a really small network, just starting to play with home automation and pass the WAF in my next house.

1, 2, 3 and 6 are in the same room
8 is the nodon
5 is a AEON multi6 sensor, but I’m trying to figure out how to use it properly to control baby room temperature.

it doesn’t work. I literally put one next to the other, and it didn’t wake up. But the lights in the remote are working properly (blue and green lights).