Zwave RGB(W) in one go?


I’m using the Fibaro FGRGBW ZWave module to power a RGBW stripe.
So far, I’ve got a color picker and 4 dimmer items. I always need to send separate commands per color.
But this results in visible multi-phase color changes which is not nice, especially at times when there’s message delays due to radio ‘traffic jam’.
Is there any way to set the color in one go from a rule like you can do with the hue binding (using HSBtype) ?


I think it is possible to change the configuration of the RGBW-Dimmer so that it accepts the color commands. This is the Parameter where you can define the input/output type the endpoint.
Have you tried this?

Intresting any update ?

It works using the COLOR command, but that one is only implemented in the OH zwave 2 binding, so it won’t work if you’re either running OH1 or the zwave1 binding in OH2.
Like this:
Color Garten_Baeume_RGBW "Baumfarbstrahler Farbe [%.0f %%]" <color> (Garten_Baeume) { channel="zwave:device:xxxxyyyy:node111:color_color" }