Zwave robust network setup

I am currently in a process of re-building my zwave network due to my current z-sticks intermittent failures. This gives me a chance to re-design the network and set it up again, taking in to account what I’ve learnt during the “v1”.

After spending time getting in touch with various device manufacturers, I have to conclude that there will not be a vendor-neutral zwave network backup tool. I did however find a few options that allow backup/restore with manufacturer’s proprietary tools (raZberry, UZB and Aeon Gen5).

What I think my v2 setup needs:

  • have multiple sticks from the same manufacturer on a shelf just in case they are needed and perform periodic backup of the primary controller stick
  • setup multiple controllers on the same network for redundancy

While I am clear on the first point, I am not 100% sure what are the ramifications of the second point. When I configure two controllers in my network, would the devices report to both of them based on the association groups? Are there any disadvantages to this setup? Also, what happens when I transfer primary role to another controller and the one that was previously the main controller breaks - is there any problem with that? Also, what if the above happens before I get the chance to transfer the primary controller to another device, is the only way to “salvage” the control to restore it to another stick?

It depends on the device. Many devices only allow a single controller in association groups meant for controller notifications. Also, the wakeup class only supports a single node, so for sure there will be limitations.

I think in theory you can do at least some of what you you want to do, but I’m not sure how easy it will be, or how transparent it will be either. It would be great if you can let us know how it goes though as I’m sure everyone would ultimately like a reliable, fault tolerant system :slightly_smiling:

On the other hand, in four years, I’ve not had a failure of a stick - maybe the best option, if we can work out how, is simply to have a backup that you can swap in if the main goes down…

Enjoy your journey :wink: