Zwave Roller Shutter control

Your device was added to the database in February 2019, you will need a zwave snapshot binding newer than that date.

But the compatibility related to the documentation page of the website page isn’t with the stable version without updating the binding?

If I use the latest milestone version with its zwave binding update I have continuous connections and disconnections reported on the things configuration page of both usb aeotec and also on the devices.
But in that case, with difficulty the roller shutter is recognized.

The docs content are always on the latest snapshot bindings.

Ok, how can I do for update only the zwave binding in the stable version of openhabian?
There is a step guide?

Do you recommend using the script after the new stable openhabian installation or download the binding jar and copy it to the folder?

Both should work fine, the only thing you have to remember are the dependencies which may have to be installed manually without the script.
As always: do a backup before you are upgrading.

A new stable 2.5 version of openHAB will be released on December 15. It is up to you whether to update just the binding now, move to 2.5rc1. or wait for 2.5 stable.

I tring with a new installation of openhabian stable version and after install the last zwave binding with the script all work well.

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A new stable version should be released on December 15. Be sure to remove your manually installed binding first.

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I installed the zwave binding with the script, if now I want to update openhabian, I must uninstall the binding before? By script?
What is the best method?
Do the devices remain stored because they reside in the aeotec zstick?

Yes, the stick stores the devices in the network, but your Things are also stored in the jsondb.

The best is to just delete the zwave and xstream jars from /addons/. The script could be unsed to delete the zwave jar, but it doesn’t remove the third party libraries with it, since the script does not know if anything else still depends on them. You should clear the cache too, but the upgrade script will do that.