Zwave scenes and remote controls


Does openhab support remote controls for zwave devices and scenes?


Choose a control device and look it up in the database if it is supported.

I’m thinking about this which is not in the database. How complex would be to add it?

are the scenes supported?

Then you need to ask Chris if he has time and is willing to add the device.

Does openhab (either version) support scenes? If so, how?

No, currently Zwave scenes are not supported in either version. This is something that someone is working in though so it might make it into OH1, but it may be more difficult to interface into OH2 (it will certainly require more work there).

As scenes are not supported, any way to address a similar behaviour?

Would an openHAB rule satisfy what you want to achieve?

As long as I would be able to trigger it with the event, yes. I have a swiid switcher and I’m not able to differentiate between a short press and a long press.

I’m getting the new nodon remote controller, and I’m afraid I would be in the same situation as each button supports for different press modes.

There are two issues here - ZWave scenes, and the Scene Activation command class. The activation class can be used to trigger rules, and normally the devices I’ve seen (and used) will send something different for different types of press. If this new device does this (and it looks like it does), then you’ll be good to go…

ZWave scenes themselves are something different, and aren’t supported…

So - I think you’ll be ok with this device, but don’t quote me just yet. If you have trouble, I might get one as it looks interesting, but at the moment Vesternet are still showing them on backorder here…

This device has a configuration option to allow the scene activation command class to be used, so I think it will be ok…

I’ve just added it to the database so it will be in tomorrows build. If you have any problems, let me know and I’ll take a look, but please provide a debug log showing the data being received…


How do I get the build?

You can download the nightly build here.