Zwave Security 'Transfer' Question

I believe the Zwave Security class is still being worked on, and secure inclusions cant’ be done yet?

So in continuing my learning in general, I recently setup OpenZwave and OZCP and was able to securely pair my front door lock to a UZB1 stick. I then tried adding the same network key into the zwave controller in OH2, and was hoping to see it work, but no luck :frowning:

But should that work when the binding is ready with the secure class working? The lock is already securely paired to the zstick and I can control it in OZCP. Although I did note that OZCP is not updating the status if you manually lock or unlock the door.

The issue is nothing to do with secure inclusion - it’s security in general. So, no, this won’t work - sorry.

Thanks Chris,

You sorta confused me though. So, confirming we are still waiting for secure inclusion to be added to the binding going forward, and…

When it is ready, that I would need unpair it from the zstick and then repair again under OpenHab?

The device is actually already secure included via OZCP and OpenZwave. That is why I was believing when OH2 is ready, all that would be needed is to set the same secure key in controller configuration in Habmin?

Maybe I misunderstood what you said actually - sorry. Once the security classes are included, then (hopefully!), yes, it should work without having to reinclude. (sorry - I thought I read if you included it securely through OZW then it should work in OH now, but I think I missed the last bit).

Ok, thanks,

OpenHab and stuff can be painfully addicting to play with. I’m hoping to add a few more light switches and sensors soon as well.

I do know as well, and not sure if it matters, but OZCP and OpenHab when i tried have both picked up my Kwikset 916 lock as a 914 model. But it seems to work ok.

And also if helps in your thoughts, I did find out that manually locking/unlocking the door was not updating it in OZCP. But when that same lock was paired to a Wink Hub, manually locking/unlocking did updat the Wink App.