ZWAVE Should I configure association groups 2, 3 and 4?

PI4b, 2.1.10, Aeotec Stick, Some Neo Coolcam devices.

When reading older topics concerning association groups I cannot get a clear picture about the correct config for the association groups.
I noticed that for some devices there is per default group 1 assigned to controller, rest is empty
Others, especially the NeoCoolcam PIR is not having controller assigned perdefault and aren´t working without manually assigning “Controller”.

Because I still struggle to get a stable ZWAVE Mesh with sending all values like luminance and battery level, I would like to know if I can use the association groups to assign a battery driven PIR to e.g. a ZWAVE plug next to it in order to get the values routed correctly?

No - the association groups are in no way linked to routing. Adding an association from the PIR to a plug will likely just turn the plug on/off when the PIR triggers, but it will not improve routing.

Thanks Chris