Zwave State Shown in PaperUI not in Basic UI

Going a bit crazy here…

I have added a new sensor to the system for my front gate and everything seems to appear just as it should it PaperUI -> Control.

When I move the contact back and forth the state changes from OPEN to CLOSED and then CLOSED to OPEN when I move it back.

Yet, it does not update in Basic UI from the item that I have created. It just remains at a “-”

I have added the following item:

String GateStatus "The Gate Is: [%s]" { channel="zwave:device:ad34b696:node5:sensor_door" }

And I have the following in my sitemap

sitemap sid label="5517 Control" {
    Frame label="Front Gate Control"{
    	Switch item=FGate icon="gate2" mappings=[ON="OPEN/CLOSE"]
		Text item=GateStatus icon="gate2"

Here’s the thing and the channel correctly set up:

I feel like I am missing something simple…

Any suggestions? I am running the latest Snapshot of the Zwave binding.

shouldn’t this be:

Switch item=GateStatus icon="gate2" mappings=[ON="OPEN/CLOSE"]


Your looking at the switch the controls my gate relay which is working correctly as is…

This is the item that is not displaying correctly

Text item=GateStatus icon="gate2"

hmmm… (maybe the channel is reporting 0/1 for the sensor status and you should use a map transformation with a switch? I am not sure…)

What is the state of the Text item GateStatus in OH2 (from the console)?

openhab> items list GateStatus
GateStatus (Type=StringItem, State=NULL, Label=The Gate Is:, Category=null)
GateStatus (Type=ContactItem, State=NULL, Label=Binary Sensor, Category=Door)

Why am I getting a NULL when I can see the status in PaperUI?

It seems that PaperUI is reporting from another source? (I don’t really know :))

I found this: Ecolink DWZWAVE2 Z-Wave Door Sensor only works as Switch, not Contact

maybe it can help

By the way: it seems that you have a duplicate item named “GateStatus” (one string and one contact type)…

I have found the solution to this with assistance from the great members of this forum. I am including the solution below in the event others stumble across this and are confused as I was…

The solution was correcting the ITEM type it should be a CONTACT, and not a STRING

Contact GateStatus "The Gate Is: [%s]" { channel="zwave:device:ad34b696:node5:sensor_door" }

Many thanks to all of you that help us on a daily basis figure these things out!