ZWave State Update Incorrect after issuing dimmer command


I’m having an issue with the state update applied to my ZWave nodes. The behavior is I apply a command to a ZWave device. The command is received and processed. However, the state update on the device doesn’t match the command.


  • Apply Dimmer switch command: from 100% to 0% (simplistic example)
  • Device behavior: Light turns off completely physically (so 0% on light itself). So success here!!
  • State within HabPanel or Paper UI: 49%. So failure in setting correct state update.
  • Note: If I send command from 49% to 0%, then the state update will then be set to 0% correctly. Just happens in 2 commands instead of 1.

I changed the log debug level for ZWave logging and ran it through cdjackson viewer. Captured the activity related to Node 9:


  • OpenHab version: 2.5.9 (just upgraded. Had version 2.4.x prior. No issues in v2.4. Only v2.5.9)
  • Windows 10
  • Aeotec Gen5+ USB controller (just purchased this as I was using an much older ZWave stick. Same behavior exists on old stick and new stick)

Things definition:

Bridge zwave:serial_zstick:controller “ZWave Controller” @ “Local” [ port=“COM4”, controller_softreset=“false”, controller_master=“true”, heal_enable=“true”, security_networkkey=“xx xx xx …” ]
Thing zwave:ge_45606_00_000:controller:node9 “Dim_Kitchen_Dining” (zwave:serial_zstick:controller) [ node_id=9 ]

Items Definition:
Dimmer Dim_Kitchen_Dining “Kitchen - Dining” (GF_Kitchen) { channel=“zwave:ge_45606_00_000:controller:node9:switch_dimmer” }

Addons.config file:


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You need to increase the repoll period for this thing - the binding requests the state of the device after it has sent a command - if the device changes slowly, then you need to increase this to give it time to complete.


Thank you Chris. That makes sense. Very helpful.

Sorry to trouble you with this, but do you know how to set the .things file for items that are not documented but exists within the Paper UI?

I see the command poll period under Device Configuration within Paper UI:

I don’t see the configuration property value documented page within:

I also looked in the ZWave database for the XML definition:

I also looked in the XML node extract within:

I don’t understand how to figure out the config param to set here.

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It should be set with the binding_cmdrepollperiod option.

Thank you sir. And if I wanted to discover that setting by myself, how would I do it without pinging a senior SME like yourself? Is it configured in a software artifact somewhere?

If it’s a non-trivial answer. Forget about it. Just trying to be self-sufficient.

Yes, it’s in the software - it should really be documented of course :wink:

Configuration parameter names are here -:

Perfect. Thank you.

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