ZWave status under OH2

Cool, just let us know when you’re ready for testers.

Will do - the important thing will be to get your devices into the database - ie upload the XML. This generates most of the configuration we need and this will be required before testing…

I’d like to increase testers the number of testers if there are some willing volunteers… There’s still some development ongoing so it definitely comes with a ‘use at own risk’ sticker on the front, along with a ‘things will change still’ sticker (since there’s some enhancements ongoing in ESH that I plan to use and this isn’t quite working yet - but hopefully it will be in the next few days)… Anyway, you have been warned :sunglasses:.

If a couple of people want to play, I’ll take the first few people to reply here who have all/most/some of their devices in the approved state in the online database (which first requires that all warnings at the top of the device page are gone).

If things look good in a couple of days we can look for a wider audience :wink:


Please, add me to the testers

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All mine are in the database, add me in :wink:

I have my existing Vera (production) in parallel with openHab (test/QA) with only a few test devices but interested to test.

I’m in. :slight_smile: how is the binding being shared with the testers?

Got fibaro, devolo, Dlink, nodon devices … All in database

Hi Chris,

I have a z-wave network of 56 devices from Fibaro, Aeon Labs, Greenware and TBK Home.
I am using Indigo Domotics software since 2013 (during Indigo 6 beta program).

I have tested the OH1 1.7 when it have been released.

I am going to receive a new USB key (Aeon Labs USB Z-Stick Gen5) next week and will move sets by step my devices from the current server to a OH2 based one.

I would be pleased to directly move to the OH2 Z-Wave binding - and help testing it.


I’d also like to test the new binding very much! I’ve got devices from different vendors. If some device is missing I could try to add it to the db.

You can also count me in

Thanks for everyones offers - as I said, I’m just after a couple of testers at the moment - I’ll expand this in the next ay or so (assuming feedback is positive of course :slightly_smiling:).

I’m just emailing it to a couple of people - I want to ease into it rather than get swamped with lots of questions/problem reports etc… Hopefully in a couple of days I’ll make it more generally available (somehow/somewhere! :sunglasses:).

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I will let my new USB key in its box until OH2 z-wave binding is ready for me to test.

Mhhh :smirk:

How is this coming along?

Look here.


I have the same problem as @shorty707 had above:

Habmin2 (latest snaphot) does not show zwave nodes in the menu.
but zwave Binding seem to work ok (1.9, installed through paper ui).

any suggestion why?

You are not using the OH2 binding then - you are using the OH1 binding so this thread is not applicable to your configuration.

I have also tried with the OH2 binging, in that case openhab was not picking up the binding at all.

Maybe there was a problem with downloading or something - I don’t know. But for sure, if you run 1.9 binding, then it will not show up in HABmin, so you need to solve the installation issue.

Big thank. I met same problem and have solved it by this message.:slight_smile: