Zwave stick recommendations for 2016 & migration advice


My Aeon Z-Stick is starting to be more buggy than before (1 reboot per 3 months is now down to 1 per month) and I am thinking about switching to another device.

My first question then is - what is the best, most reliable USB stick I can use? I really need something reliable and well tested by the community. Latest version of the Zwave stack does not hurt either.

… and when I choose that, this brings me to my second question - what is the best way to migrate my devices over to the new device once I have it?

Thank you very much!

I changed over to the Aeon Gen5 a few months back and have been happy with it, so can recommend it.

For migration, I just started the network fresh - ie reset all my devices and included them into the new network. It was quick and relatively painless - versus the hassle of trying to work out how to transfer the network between sticks :smile:

Thank you! … and have you ever tested the Gen5 stick on Raspberry PI v2 (quad core)? Also, by reset - do you mean going one by one and excluding devices from the current stick until you remove them all, then add them all back to the new stick?

No - not personally, but I think it should be ok. I’ve not had any reports about the duplication issue that was apparent in the Pi1.

Yep… I just decided this was easier than trying to transfer the network, and it also allowed me to consolidate node numbering (which is a minor issue I know!).

Confirmed working great on Pi2 and Gen5 stick. Also works great on a NUC with Fedora in the case anyone is wondering.

Thank you!

… on a sidenote - how can I actually migrate the configuration from my current Z-stick? I am not too keen to be doing the transfer one-by-one and then needed to update my items in OH (as I’ve got some “gaps” from now defunct devices). I have still got plenty of slots free so I am not worried about consolidation at all.

I think when you migrate, you can just add the items to the new stick and the only thing you need to update in your item configuration is the device number, the rest should be the same. (I tried migrating between razberry and aeon stick gen5, it worked fine).

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… on a sidenote - how can I actually migrate the configuration from my current Z-stick?[/quote]

The answer is already in this thread:

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Yes, but I am asking if there is another way - i.e. transferring the whole network from one stick to another, without any network rebuild.

I’ve got an update on this. I’ve received the Gen5 z-stick and I am getting familiar with it before I start the network migration.

A few questions:

  • I’ve seen that the gen5 should support network backup in case the stick breaks - any ideas now this can be done? I would like to try the backup/restore before I do the migration.
  • My current stick still somehow works - what would be the disadvantage to include the new stick to my existing network and transfer primary controller responsibility? I am not too keen to dig out old manuals from the variety of devices I’ve got to do the include/exclude.

I am also likely about to get a Aeon Gen5 stick as my original got bent pretty bad (although it still works) and the ability to back up your settings would be an good thing.

I say that because i think its not just a matter of removing an item from one controller and then re-adding to another. Don’t you then find yourself also having to go back manually through your items file and reconfiguring each item to the correct zwave Node?

Out of curiosity, do you know how to backup/restore the settings?

And yes - you are correct, unless you follow exactly the same sequence for re-creation of the nodes, you will need to update the items files.

Maybe this is common knowledge, but Aeon has recently released a backup/restore tool for Gen5 Z-Stick. Only for windows though, but better than anything.

With it, you are supposed to clone one Gen5 to another. There’s no support for any other sticks though.

just wondering if anyone has tried the backup tool yet? Am about to give it a go…

I have taken a couple of backups, but not yet restored. I have two sticks now, so my intention is to test full restore to second stick, but I’m currently using stick 2 for some tests, so it may take another week or two before the restore.

Please post your findings here if you give it a go!

Just to report back, I have since made a working copy of my stick, so it seams to work just fine.