Zwave switches not updating with manual operation

I’m having some trouble with my Z-wave network and I’m not sure if the problem is with my switches, the controller, or with OH.

I had a release build of 2.1 running on a Debian 9 machine with an Aeon Z-stick (non-gen5). I had a plug-in wall dimmer (PD300Z-2), a dimmer switch (WD500Z-1), and a toggle switch (Zooz ZEN23) all connected to it. I had a rule configured where the plug-in dimmer would turn on and off with the toggle switch and everything was working like I wanted. All switches reported their statuses correctly.

Recently, I purchased a few more ZEN23 switches in hopes to add add some more control to things around the house. Also, as part of installing the switches, I went ahead and updated OH to the release build of 2.2 and updated Debian as well.

When I went to include the new switches, they showed up as “Unknown Devices” and would not allow for any control. On top of that, none of my existing switches are reporting their status when they are triggered manually and in turn, the rules are not running. If I toggle the switch through OH, everything works fine. The lights change and the rules trigger. It’s only when the switches are operated at the switch.

In searching through the community posts, I see a lot of references to Association Groups. In looking at the details of each switch in the database, it appears that all my switches support an AG but I don’t see any options for it in Habmin and I don’t remember having to set anything with an AG before to get them to work correctly. I’ve tried excluding everything, defaulting the controller, and re-including everything with the same results. I also tried excluding/including with the Z-stick unplugged from my machine with the same results. I even went so far as to wipe the machine with a fresh install of Debian to no avail. The Network Viewer shows the nodes but none are connected.

One thing I did find when searching through the Device list for the ZEN23 is that it returned 2 results: 1 for a Zooz manufacturer that does support AG and 1 for Willis Electric Co. which does not support AG. I went back into Habmin and saw that the switch is being identified as the Willis version and not Zooz. Could that be my problem? And is there a way to force the switch to identify as the Zooz model if so?