ZWave tag filter not working in bindings section

I have been having trouble adding zwave tag to posts in the forum and also when I browse the forum and click on the zwave tage to filter all zwave posts, I get a 404 error.

It seems that the zwave tage has been marked as private or something?

I had the same problem a couple os days ago when I wanted to tag a post and I couln’t
@Kai, any issues with the z-wave tag in the discourse server?
When I try to change the tag of an existing post to zwave I am presented with a:

500 Internal Server Error

I just managed to add the tag to this topic…

Maybe the issue is that there are two of them?

I chose the first one with x150…

There is one with x2842 on which pops up without entering anything. This is the one I can’t use.

This is zwave without the -