Zwave thermostat options

Hi there

Looking for some advice please. I have Openhab2 running on a Pi with an Aeotec Zwave USB stick.

I’m looking into the possibility of replacing my wall thermostats, located downstairs in my home. There are 4 in total, with each one controlling a water-based UFH system for the room in where they’re located.

These existing stats are very basic, just turn the temp up or down on the wall plate and it will trigger the boiler controller to turn on and send heat to that room.

The slight annoyance I have is that if I want to bump all the stats up a notch (or down), I have to go to each room and do this, so was hoping of some Zwave based stats that I could group and bump them all up or down in one operation (I’m aware this is laziness personified!).

The existing stats all have mains power so must have a c-wire available and I’ve included a pic of the existing stat(s). I also need the Zwave protocol to be Europe based.

Perhaps it’s a nonsensical idea so am open to feedback.

Many thanks

Hello, I realise this is a few years later but hopefully you will see this. I have this exact thermostat installed in a few rooms in our house and they were put in by our builder. He left no manuals whatsoever and I haven’t been able to find this exact model online. How do you turn the temperature up and down? Any time I turn it up or down, it reverts back to whatever the room temperature is and shows no sign that it is changing. I would appreciate if you could please share the name of this thermostat if you have it, and also how to adjust the temperature. Thank you

Set the temperature using the up/down buttons. Press the M key to set whatever chosen temperature

Hi Gerry

I have also the same stat, i cannot find a replacement online, would any make fit? As one is not working.


Most of those “no-name” stats are the same size and have the same wiring diagrams. Take your broken one to a local plumber merchants and they should be able to help (assuming you’re doing a like for like replacement)