Zwave Thing Information not visible

OpenHAB version 3.0.1

I’m using several Zooz ZEN26 and Inovelli LZW30/31 switches and dimmers. They are all working as they should within my system. However some (not all) are not displaying any information when viewing the thing definition. As an example:

Just a bleak field of nothingness. This is not consistent across all of my switches; for example several ZEN26s view fine but one or two look as above. In this specific instance I updated the firmware of this dimmer to no avail. I’ve rebooted OpenHAB several times but no change here. Again they’re all actually functioning fine. Any thoughts?

After you updated you probably should have deleted the Thing from OH (NOT exclude from the network) & re–discovered / added. The database has different settings for some devices depending on firmware level. Deleting the Thing gets new settings from the binding.

If that does not work, follow the instructions in the fine documentation about enabling DEBUG logs. Only unfiltered logs are useful for troubleshooting.

That’s good to know, and something to keep in mind should I decide firmware updates are necessary in the future.

My debug logs have a few items but don’t mention anything about the nodes in question, and no entries that would suggest the problem I’m seeing (they all look to be around one functioning but apparently somewhat unhappy water sensor)