ZWave thing missing but stored entity still exists after upgrade from 3.2 to 3.4


I recently upgraded from OH 3.2 to 3.4 and things mostly went well but have one remaining issue related to a ZWave thing FF-ZWAVE5-ECO. I have two of these devices and both were operational when running OH 3.2 After upgrading to 3.4, the things for these two devices are not visible in the UI or REST API. I assume the validation improvements are behind this (not blaming, improved validation is good). When OH is restarted, I see this in the log file one time for each device node ID:

[mon.registry.AbstractManagedProvider] - Failed to create thing with UID 'zwave:device:162d1544ad3:node152' from stored entity: Duplicate channels zwave:device:162d1544ad3:node152:sensor_temperature

I also have two new things in my Inbox for these devices, but I cannot add them and see this error in the log when I try:

[ore.internal.discovery.InboxResource] - Thing zwave:device:162d1544ad3:node152 unable to be approved: Cannot add element, because an element with same UID (zwave:device:162d1544ad3:node152) already exists.

Since I can’t see the things in the GUI or REST API, I cannot delete them. I suppose I could modify the UID when adding and just move on with my life, but I’d like to not have zombie entries for a these things lurking somewhere in the config. Can someone help me figure out how to remove these things so I can add the new ones? I assume this issue was caused by what is described in this thread:


I sometimes find that OH can’t remove a thing, so I’ll stop openhab (sudo systemctl stop openhab) and then edit the JSONDB things file, which you can find in the openhab-addons folder.

Make sure you delete the entire entry for the thing. Each one is separated by a comma, and the entries can get pretty long.

Make a backup of your things file before you touch it. I assume you also have a pre-update backup that you can fall back to if absolutely necessary.

If you have 152 nodes you should have signed up for the Silabs Simplicity studio that has a PC controller feature that can remove nodes. As this is a battery device it is not involved in routing, so even as a “zombie” it will not cause too much problem (If you don’t remove it right away)
Z-Wave Zombies.pdf (571.9 KB).

It looks like the DB has been fixed, but maybe since with the upgrade from 3.2 there were remnants of the unfixed version that is causing problems

Thanks @rpwong. I found the jsondb and removed the entries for the two things and that appears to have solved the problem.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s not a ZWave device that the controller can’t talk to any longer, it’s a valid ZWave node ID but OH has a stored configuration that doesn’t allow these devices to be used. I do know how to delete from the ZWave controller node ID’s that are no longer valid using Simplicity Studio.

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