Zwave "Treat as basic" meaning in database?

What does the “Basic” checkbox mean in the Zwave database as shown below? How do I know when to check it or not? This is regarding the Jasco ZW3011.

Database entry is in progress here



It means that the binding will interpret the BASIC command as if it were from the associated command class. It doesn’t need to be set for all devices - it’s normally set for the likes of switches and normally you can get a good idea of what the command class should be by looking at the device class in the endpoint (so in this case it should be SWITCH_MULTILEVEL since that is also the device class).

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I’ve submitted the request for review of the ZW3011 here. Please let me know if you see any issue and I’ll correct it. thanks.

I cannot review but you could improve some :wink:
Configuration parameters 6, 16 &19 could have selectable options like parameter 3.

It looks good, otherwise. Thank you.