Zwave Unknown Device (Aeotec Dual Nano)

I have configured and working Aeotec Single Nano devices in Openhab. These appear when I click more and get the list on the Zwave Binding

I have now purchased Aeotec Dual Nano with power metering.
ID: (0086:0203:0084:1.2)

These are not being recognised and don’t show up when clicking more as above.

I have looked here at the Zwave Devices Supported

and it is in the list.

Do I need to do an update my local db to get the device in this list somehow? Or the binding?

I am running binding 2.1.0 z-wave.


The device was updated a month ago. Not knowing the date it was added or the exact version of the binding you’re using (the version has the date in it), my guess is that you are on an older version that does not include this device. If you open the jar, you could confirm that though. Why not upgrade to a newer version of the binding… or go all out and upgrade to OH 2.2?

Can you run an 2.2 binding on 2.1? Will likely look at a full upgrade but if I can just do the binding might be the safest at this stage.

Oh, sorry… I’m glad you asked first :slight_smile:. I was thinking you could, but there were some breaking changes in ESH included in 2.2, which the bindings needed to be updated for. So, you would need to upgrade OH.

Hi @Brad_Hardwick,

Uninstall your old Z-Wave Binding 2.1.0
Download Z-wave Binding latest vesion here (jar file)$org.openhab.binding.zwave/

and put it on your “openhab2-folder”/addons

I’ll work, good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks all will try it tonight.