ZWave Updates in OH2 - new command classes

Tomorrows build of the ZWave binding in OH2 will bring three new command classes -:

  • TIME_PARAMETERS: Provides ability to set and read back the time in detail (full days/month/year/time)
  • CLOCK: Provides the ability to set and read the time, but in less detail (only hours and minutes, and the day or week)
  • METER_TBL_MONITOR: Provides similar functionality to the METER class, but also has the ability to read historical stored data. This is currently not possible to be used in OH since the persistence system only supports storing data at the current time.

Most of the work to get these implemented has been done by @jongj, so big thanks :smile:.

The TIME classes will support the setting of the time automatically. When the time is off by more than a specified amount, the binding will automatically update it - this is configurable in the channel properties and can also be disabled.

Obviously these are new classes and I’d welcome any feedback on how they perform or if we’ve introduced any other problems in the binding (since many other files have changed in the process of incorporating these classes). I have seen my Fibaro smoke sensor returning invalid times occasionally and I don’t know if that’s a device issue, or binding, so feedback on these new additions is always welcome.

Note that some devices (probably most of them!) that support these classes will need to have them added to the database. The device will need to be updated to add these command classes if they aren’t there, and then the time_offset channel type needs to be added (or the meter channels for the METER_TBL_MONITOR class). See this device for an example. If you’re unsure what to do, please reply here.

We have also reached the 200 mark with the number of devices supported in the OH2 binding - some aren’t fully working, but I guess most are. Currently the database has 332 devices included - if your device isn’t in there, see here for information on adding support.

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