Zwave value starts with two zeros, instead of one

Hey, i got some Problem when i am trying to measure consumption with the Fibaro FGMS 001
If the Outlet is switched off the consumption is reported as: 00.00W
But if there is a real consumption, for example, 2 Watts, it is displayed correctly.

How can i get rid of the additional zero?

Thanks :smile:

I doubt this is anything to do with zwave - it is likely a format issue with the labelling. What have you used for the label format - I think it should be "%.2f" if you want two decimal places.


Of course it has something to do with zwave:

Text item=Port1_3c                icon="measure_power_64"     label="Drucker Brother        [%.2f W]"
Text item=ZWCon21                 icon="measure_power_64"        label="Drucker Epson        [%.2f W]"

Two printers, one is connected via FIB-FGMS 001, the other one with a simple ethernet wallplug.

Both are now switched off, but when i check the consumption, i will get this additional zero

When i change the format to .1f i wll get 00.0W and 0.0W with my Ethernet wallplugs.

Can you provide the logs (zwave debug log and event log). Maybe there’s something with BigInteger that allows them to retain leading zeros under some circumstances.

What version of the binding are you using? I suspect you may be using an old version and this is fixed already?

I am using OH 1.7.1 and Zwave is also the latest version.
Tried this with zwave Addon: 1.7.1 and latest 1.8.0
Here is my log from today:

So this should be fixed in 1.8.0 - are you saying the problem still exists with the latest version?

I can’t download the log - this is blocked due to malware according to my system!

I just upgraded the zwave add on, is the fix in the openhab source or in the add on?

It’s in the zwave binding.