ZWave Wall plug issue

I’m running openhab with the zwave binding in version 2.2 stable (3 Qubino DIN dimmer, 1 Qubino Relay1D, 2 Fibaro switch 2, 5 Fibaro wall plugs). Before I had massive problems with razberry board on RPI 3 in combination with openhab and the Z-Way binding after upgrading to version 2.2. The solutions was extrem unstable and showed massive performance issues. So I moved to the zwave binding with a clean installation on a new SD card (openhabian).

Since the reinstallation I see the same issue with one Fibaro wall plug (FGWPR/F-102 ZW5) happening frequently. The plug is running normally but after some days the device is marked as “not communicating with the network” and not responding anymore. There are no log file entries which seems to be related.

I know that the device is not covered perfectly however it is working for day’s without a problem and zwave network viewer is showing the device green.

Healing the device from habmin brings the device back to green state, however it stays in “Node initialising: PING” state. I also tried to bring the switch very near to the controller, which doesn’t help.

The only way to bring the device back again was setting the device to factory settings, exclude and include.

Did somebody see similar behaviors? Any idea in finding the root cause.