Zwave/Zigbee based vs Wifi based wall switches

I’d like to expand my OH setup with to integrate existing wall switches (for lights). I consider using zwave of zigbee based devices like Qubino or Fibaro relais to mount them behind the existing wall switches. I recently stumbled upon wifi based solution like the Shelly relais.

There is a difference in price obviously as the Shelly is half the price of the Qubino for example.

What are the pros and cons of the zwave/zigbee vs the wifi based solution?


Security (they’re not IP thus not easily attackable) , standards compliance (what if Shelly goes out of business?), range (meshed, lower frequency=better range at least for ZWave) , power (anything you need to run on battery?) and of course it crowds your WiFi, resulting in more and more problems there.

A general remark, though: as this is not on OH but on home automation in general, please don’t post any more of these. And search the forum, many threads on this there already.

I have lots of fibaro dimmer 2’s, I use centre return switches (spring) with the top Of the switch controlling the main relay (S1) and the bottom of the switch to S2 for scenes - so on each light switch I have 8 controls (single,double,triple,hold x2) which is great for openhab to not just control the light but use the scenes for other bits and bobs.
My Zwave network has been bulletproof since I installed it (other than a small teething problem when I went to 2.5)

I also have multiple Shelly 1’s, whilst they are cheap and have served a purpose I have a few issues with them:
The relay is very loud (the contacts opening / closing)
The WiFi strength is not great - I have 2 units 5m from my ubiqui access point and they lose connection.
They also run quite warm

I will be swapping them out at some point.
Zwave all the way

And the fibaros I put in the light fitting and use the 2 wire to control both relays at the switch

Thanks for the answers @mstormi and @delid4ve. @mstormi I guess you can safely have the same topic for non OH HA systems :wink:

@delid4ve may I ask which switches you use (model, vendor)?

@hmnb either these:

Or these:

They are grid systems so would have to buy the faceplates etc but means you can have lots of different configurations. I prefer the schneider to the mk (both good brands, plus the scneider is 16amp if you want to connect more than lighting)