Zwave ZMNHBD Flush 2 Relays not working right in OH2

I have one of these devices in my Zwave network and it have been working happily in my OH1 setup - and I even got it working in my OH2 setup from the latest stable 2.0 install.

A week or so ago, it suddenly stopped responding right. First I thought it was a range issue - but the strange thing is, that the temperature probe I have connected to it, reports readings happily all day long.

But what has changed is, that it doesnt react to switching the relays through OH2 anymore. I do have a manual switch on it - and with that I can switch one of the relays (light) - but not from Openhab.

I see some comments to this device in the community - but they more seem to be about problems with an attached switch - which works fine here.

I am on the latest build of the Zwave binding jar - and the rest of my network/OH2 works fine…

What could be wrong with this ?

These are my items:

Switch Switch1      "Relay2"     	 <switch>		{ channel="zwave:device:f8f3b9f0:node7:switch_binary2" }
Switch Switch2      "Lights"		 <switch>    	{ channel="zwave:device:f8f3b9f0:node7:switch_binary1" } 
Number Power 		"Power [%.0f W]" <energy>		{ channel="zwave:device:f8f3b9f0:node7:meter_watts" }
Number Temp		 	"Temp [%.1f °C]" <temperature>  { channel="zwave:device:f8f3b9f0:node7:sensor_temperature" }

What do the debug logs show?

Hi again
After a few days where I havent had a chance to look further at this, my wife suddenly said “thanks for fixing the lights”. I was puzzled - but it does indeed seem to have fixed “itself” - most likely due to a healing/neighboring update by the binding/controller…
I can’t trace the root source of why it stopped working - just that it now works.
Sorry for bothering you guys with this.

By the way: when I started searching for the problem in the community I saw that several seem to have problems with this device? Mine works well - both with switches directly connected - and through OH2 UIs and rules; I can switch both relays independently - and I can see the power usage and temperature readings. When I switch with a directly connected switch - the status change gets reported back to OH correctly. So - all in all, not problems here :wink:

Hello Martin,

I am one the people that have issues with this device. I can control it just fine but indeed when I physically switch on and off the device does not send the update correctly back to openhab. What is the firmware of your device ? Mine says 1.2 in habmin

I have the same problem, i have firmware 1.1:

OK - had a chance to look at it this evening:

I have Firmware 1.2.

After checking I have to admit that I dont get updates to OH2 when I use the physical switch. HOWEVER - when I flip the physical switch (the one that is linked physically to “switch_binary1” - then I get the change of status reported to “switch_binary” in OH2. That was what I saw, and I didn’t register that this was not the report to the actual switch flipped - but the general switch (switch all?).
Also, I see that I only get the power Watts reported at the general level - not for each relay.

Both issues are not a problem for me, as I can manage without the details - and I can use rules to fix the reporting issue…

Would be great if this device would work as it should though…

Hope my test can be of usage for someone…