ZXT-120 AC IR Remote error in log when setting new temperature setpoint(heat) although it works

I use the ZXT-120 to send IR Commands to a fan. Its connected to A Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Openhabian through the Zwave Binding. I send the commands to an Item linked to the setpoint(heating) channel of the ZXT-120. Everytime I send a command I get this error in the log

2019-01-13 10:18:50.943 [ERROR] [lass.ZWaveThermostatModeCommandClass] - NODE 2: Unsupported mode type 26

2019-01-13 10:18:50.948 [WARN ] [nverter.ZWaveThermostatModeConverter] - NODE 2: Generating message failed for command class = COMMAND_CLASS_THERMOSTAT_MODE, endpoint = 0

The ZXT executes the command anyway and the IR command gets send without a problem. Im just wondering if I should change something or just ignore the error in the log.

Best regards Johannes

The problem solved itself.
The ZXT-120 was my only Zwave Device when I got the errors in the log. As soon as I included more devices in the Network the errors disappeared. Maybe something to do with Flirs.
Best regards Johannes