ZXT-120 zwave Sensor temperature compensation parameter

I am trying to change parameter 37 on a ZXT-120 - changing positive numbers seems to work fine using digits but to get it to -2 which is what I need, this is ignored once saved so I assume it is in the wrong format.

From the manual:
Sensor temperature compensation (This parameter is used to compensate the temperature error at temperature sensor)
Temperature offset value.
Formula: Display temperature = sensor reading
value + offset value (unit = degree C)
0x00 = 0 degrees C (Default)
0x01 = 1 degrees C
0x02 = 2 degrees C
0x03 = 3 degrees C
0x04 = 4 degrees C
0x05 = 5 degrees C
0xFF = ‐1 degrees C
0xFE = ‐2 degrees C
0xFD = ‐3 degrees C
0xFC = ‐4 degrees C
0xFB = ‐5 degrees C

I have tried the hex as well but wondering if the paramater isnt accepting anything more than a single digit? Ive tried to look at the zwave database but cant seem to work out what to look for on that site.

Can someone help a numty?


@chris can you help?

The database looks incorrect - it shows an allowable value of 0 to 255, but I guess this should be -? to +? (maybe +/-127?).

I’ll update later tonight.

Hi @chris, the doco shows -5 to +5 as allowed variations - if tis much further out i rekon it should be returned faulty!

Ok - is that only degrees then? ie it’s not +/- 50 to allow for tenths of degree? (I think this is what Aeon do). If you have an account on the database, feel free to update if you like…

Yes, not even the degrees - a paramater to cater for a variation of the acccuracy of the thermostat (mine is out by 1 degree C)

I did create an account but I cant see where/how to do this (would love to know - have looked on the website but cant see a numty guide)

Ok - no problem. I’ve updated the parameter and will feed this into the binding tonight or tomorrow. If it doesn’t solve the issue, then please provide a log and we’ll fix any remaining issues…