ZXT-600 - Incorrect thermostat fan mode (version)

Hi all, just wanted to sanity check this.

I have a Remotec ZXT-600 Aircon controller unit, which works well.

I note in the binding reference here, and it seems to be documented in @chris’s docs that not many fan modes are supported.

However, according to the ZWave alliance it should support Thermostat Fan Mode v4, and with a quick test, I can set AUTO LOW, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH. Not referencing v4 means that 0x0A (QUIET) is not accessible for example (which my unit definitely supports).

How would I go about updating the thing reference to support COMMAND_CLASS_THERMOSTAT_FAN_MODE_V4 instead of COMMAND_CLASS_THERMOSTAT_FAN_MODE_V1 and testing it?

Thanks in advance!

ZWave device reference

Perhaps they added features with later firmware versions. Could you please post the xml file generated buy openHAB for this device? It has information direct from the device.

The device database is frozen for a while as it is being migrated to a new, better site so changes may need to wait.

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Looking at the XML it seems that <version> is set to 1 but the <versionSupported> tag is 4:


I’ve tested modes 0,1,3,5 so the values in this XML don’t make much sense to me.

I’m a newbie so not allowed to attach, link here to full XML