I own and run MDAR Ltd in the UK.

We import and support the entire range of digital building control modules.
We have a number of distributors, re-sellers and installers around the UK who come to us for training and technical advice.

I am “very” active on the Velbus forum and here, simply for two reasons.

Firstly, I want to offer support and advice to anyone that is venturing into the world of digital building control, hopefully so that they avoid the pitfalls and end up with a control system that they can easily enjoy and is accessible to everyone in their household.

Secondly, and probably blatantly, I want to increase the level of public awareness of the Velbus range. For which I make absolutely no apologies.
If a KNX / IHC/ Crestron / AMX / Mode lighting champion wishes to state their case, I for one would be very willing to listen to every word they have to say. Who knows, I might learn something new and exciting.

My own home consists of the following

1 x Odroid UX4 with Ubuntu 18, running VelServ, openHAB2 (V2.4) & NodeRed 1.0
1 x Odroid C2 with DietPi, running VelServ, openHAB2 (V2.4) and NodeRed 1.0

complete Velbus buiding control, with everything from PIRs to weather stations, Low voltage dimmers to simple relays.
Heating control is included in my Velbus setup.

There is also a number of DMX over Art-Net architectural lighting fixtures which are either directly or in-directly controlled by openHAB2.

I’m experimenting with One-Wire sensors and TP-Link remote controlled sockets, for my own use and to cover edge cases with clients where a pure Velbus solution doesn’t quite hit the mark.