Retired Electric Power Systems Engineer, Fiber optic Communication director, off grid renewable energy design engineer.

Now following this new electric energy landscape that is significantly changed since I began work as a power energy power engineer in 1976.

Have an all electric home with water source heat pump, 3 zone air ducting system, electric vehicle, and electric water heater. Also following developments in real time pricing and other incentives to reduce my energy cost by control and efficiency.

I have a high level knowledge of computation platforms and operating systems and struggled to install software from openHAB on my PC and Home Assistant on a Raspberry. Gave up on HA because of insufficient progress due to my lack of experience and the HA support.

Hoping to install 3 electric meter on my major appliance and controls for my zoned air handling system that will include in duct fans.
Started with a Smart Switch - 240V 40A meter switch to control my water heater. loaded Java 8, open HAB2, zwave binding, and found my switch.

Not able to reconnect to it from my browser the next day and repeated installing all the software again and could not get open Hab to execute.