0-10v Wall Dimmer

I’ve dug and dug to no avail. I’m looking for a 0-10v dimmer that can be dimmed locally on the wall switch itself and of course a protocol that I can integrate with openhab. I can’t seem to find a solution that isn’t a Shelly or similar product that requires using openhab to dim the light fixture/s. I would prefer a wifi switch with tasmota over MQTT but at this point I’ll take what I can get as long as there’s a binding. This will be used in an office so I’d prefer an off the shelf option as opposed to something I’ll need to DIY together like some of the solutions I use at my house. Everything else in the office is Martin Jerry tasmota switches/3-ways etc but some of the fixtures that couldn’t use those dimmers are only 1-10v dimming. I’m beginning to believe the dimmer I’m after doesn’t exist or I’m thinking about the problem incorrectly. Changing the fixtures is not an option. Thank you for any input or suggestions you can share.

Finder make a great series of dimmers, bot DIN rail mountable, and mountable behind the wall switch.

I’m not sure if the bluetooth versions can be reflashed to some thing that will interoperate with OpenHAB.

I use their DIN rail 15.11.x 400W dimmers which are controlled via a 1-10v signal driven by some hardware of my own design.

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