01 Select Branch in openhabian-config

Rapsi 3B+
openhabian based on bullseye (upgraded from buster & cleaned up)
openHABian Configuration Tool — [openHAB]{2023-07-29T21:33:20+02:00}(b7ac016)

Current version of openhab installed: 4.0.1

When i fire up openhabian-config and use option 01, i get the following screen:

No openhab 3.x available

If i choose “legacy” and again select option 01, i get another screen:

With openhab3 even selected. This stays the same, after selecting “legacy” again. So no “legacy” selected.

Selecting “release” brings me back to this, when choosing 01:

Selecting “latest” comes back with the same lines but “latest” selected.

I can’t think of any reason for this. But i may miss something. Intended or plain wrong?