1/7 New install Openhabian complete fail

Raspberry PI 4 8GB
1/7 image downloaded, the first image in your confusing stack
Installed new image SD and booted

  1. Network is WiFi so Openhabian failed
  2. User/password was not pi/raspberrypi
  3. Ran raspi-config to setup WiFi then reboot
  4. Openhabian started the configuration OK then fails to start the webserver then fails to setup ethernet connection…
    I looked in /var/log for a hint, I couldn’t find any log files from openhabian.

Hi Airhead,

you should not use the confusing stack!

Maybe try with ethernet?

After a little research I found:
Put wpa_supplicant.conf in the boot area on the new SD card before booting the first time.

wpa_supplicant.conf file example:

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev
country=<Insert 2 letter ISO 3166-1 country code here>

for me it was 

 ssid="<Name of your wireless LAN>"
 psk="<Password for your wireless LAN>"

The thing is I had no idea I had to configure the network before the errors started flying. As far as hard wired Ethernet; I have a Verizon Hotspot that replaced my fiber connection three years ago, it follows me everywhere.
But now that the errors are there they are not going away, I guess another SD burn with the wifi config placed into the boot area… I can only hope Openhabian is not hardwired to eth0

If you read the instructions it will tell you how to set up wifi.

pi/raspberry are not the user/password this will also be in the instructions

Nothing there about setting up WiFi to install Openhabian or what the user/password was changed to…
I fought the wpa_supplicant.conf since the ‘ORG’ didn’t mention key_mgmt=WPA-PSK, I found that on a working SD and added it so the third try got a successful WiFi network but the Ethernet still failed and after Openhadian rebooted Ethernet failed but eveything else was ok and it echo’ed the correct IP address then for no apparent reason rebooted only this time when it came up the IP was not valid.

WiFi based setup notes

If you own a RPi3, RPi3+, RPi4, a RPi0W or any other model with a compatible WiFi dongle you can set up and use openHABian via WiFi only. For the WiFi based setup to work, you’ll need to make your SSID and password known to the system before the first boot. So in addition to the setup instructions given above, uncomment and complete the lines reading wifi_ssid="" and wifi_psk="" in

Ready for more? Connect to your Raspberry Pi SSH console (opens new window)using the username openhabian and password openhabian . You will see the following welcome screen:

All available from the link above.

Another day, I visited the documentation and found what you pointed out and more, I now have a PI 3B setup. While I was burning another SD I tried to find how to configure Openhabian to use the RAZBERRY2 board, I found nothing about configuring the radio transceivers be it a board like the RAZBERRY2 or a USB based device.
Update: I booted the PI 3 and waited for a long time, after everything was done I ran openhabian-config to set my time and locals and move the BLE device to free up a serial port. When I logged in I had to use the WiFi IP:8080 since openhabian decided = openhabiandevice?

I found Z-wave and radio thermostat and installed them then tried to bring the RAZBERRY2 up, nope, Z-wave is for a USB stick, I can’t find the serial port of the RAZBERRY2 device and I did move the BLE device with openhabian-config.
I fought the RAZBERRY2 for two days trying to use his software based in his server that keep timing out due to the server is in Russia.
Has anyone gotten a RAZBERRY2 to work with OpenHABian? If not, which USB Z-Wave stick works?