1-wire Relay Board to Z-wave (SmartThings Hub)

What is the cheapest and simplest way to extend (2) 1-wire Temperature signals and (3) dry contact signals that are currently all running their signalling information via my 1-wire network that reports out status information to the Internet website from a Linux server?

I have a automated system for my aquarium that I want to extend the status information to my Z-wave controller. Some of the signals are dry contact status signals indicating water levels and pump activations (on/off) while others are digital temperature signals from a 1wire sensor.

Here’s detail on my setup:

Note: I have other data reporting 1-wire devices for pH and Orp, but I figured I’d start with the basics.

As you already have a smart box (OpenWRT) gathering and forwarding information, one no-cost solution would be to script that to forward to Openhab (instead, or as well). MQTT seems to be a favoured technology for lashing systems together.

An alternative no-cost approach would be to get Openhab to read data from the Google cloud spreadsheet thingy. Sorry, don’t know anything about that but it gives you a clue what to look for.

The page you linked says you’re using OWFS on your OpenWRT router. This simplifies things greatly since OpenHAB already has a binding to OWFS. I use it mostly to monitor temperature and light sensors in my apartment. You’ll just need to make sure OWFS is configured to connect through owserver instead of directly to the device.

I’m new to OpenHAB. From what I’ve been able to piece together, to use OpenHAB I’d need to setup another server. I’d prefer to use a free cloud based capability. If there was a cheap server similar to OpenWRT then that might work. My current OpenWRT server probably won’t suffice.

Cheapest you’ll probably find is a raspberry pi with openHABian installed.