12V Wifi (MQTT) Relay with Termperature - itead Sonoff, shelly?

I know about the iTead Sonoff, and the Sonoff With temperature and humidity, but these operate on 110-240v AC. Does anyone know similar but for controlling 12v DC?

Currently I have a raspberry pi, that among other things, has a dht22 sensor and a mosfet switch where across various topics based on temp reported the mosfet switch is told to turn on two fans that cool my network stack.

While working, it looks a little ugly, and the scripts on the pi sometimes don’t come back up upon restart.

Now i could, with a 12v - 5v volt converted, mosfet switch, d1 mini, dht22 build one with the homie framework, but I’m not great at getting these things in enclosures in a nice neat package…hence my question.

Not what you asked for - but may do.
Here’s a Sonoff hack, which allows the Sonoff to remain powered by mains but switch DC loads.

This is more like you wanted

Or this (found it off that link you posted)

But then it’s a matter of digging into the tasmota firmware seeing if I can add DHT.h for reading.

Cheap as chips to try … but you said you wanted an enclosure :wink:

Sonoff actually makes a 5/12v module.

This one https://www.itead.cc/smart-home/inching-self-locking-wifi-wireless-switch.html

Or sonoff sv. They sell a plastic box also if you want enclosure.

Yeah I saw those, but thoughts on adding a temp sensor to it?

This video https://youtu.be/8mz5sCAvDAY from about 27 mins covers sensors and at 38 has tasmota…it’s certainly looks like it might be possible. I might have to get a couple to okay.

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