13€ for 16x WiFi Relay ESP8266 I2C-Extender PCF8575 Tasmota ESPhome but how

Dear Forum,

I bought a12Volt 16CH Relay - Card with an ESP8266 WiFi Chip and an I2C-Extender PCF8575 to control 16 Relays thinking it would be easy to flash ESPhome or Tasmota on it.
I kind of learned hard: IT IS ABSOLUTE NOT EASY for me.

So now I am stuck with this wonderful Card which only offers an Accesspoint were I can switch on and off the relays but can not change anything, not mentioning controlling it by Openhab.
On the Images attached you can see the writings on the parts the available pins and my USB-TTL Converter which I intended to use for flashing a new firmware.

DC5V 12V 16 Channel Wifi Relay Module Onboard ESP8266 WIFI Module Microcontrollers Interface

Can anybody help me?
The card offers 16

Thank you in advance!

That is all you need. Use the core action sendHttpGetRequest to control your relay:

I have a similar switch and use it in a DSL rule like:

sendHttpGetRequest("") or

for ON and OFF.

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Thank you!
I am sure it works for your device, but this one opens a own WIFI-Access-Pont, a seperate Wifi.
The name and the short default password are everywere on the internet and it can not be changed.

Having already a Wifi for other Tasmota, WLED and ESPhome - devices, I would have to add an extra WiFi - Stick to my Openhab to connect to that relay Card (which is to far away) and…
…and no.

Very strange: you’ve bought a wifi relay board which can’t be included in your own wifi network?

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Exactly, pleas see the last image i added…
Thats all…

It is even written in the articles text on Ali.:

 "**Product selling point:**
  6. The current program version address and password cannot be modified."

…but I did not belive it - but they ment it for real - dammit.

So Tasmota / ESPhome is the only solution.

There should be thousands of tutorials in the www for that.
I am always using ESPEasy for my ESP’s:



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Thank you, but I´m old.
I´m a computer noob, “click on tasmotise” → my skill level.

espeasy is not what it sounds like for a noob…

Is there another solution?

I did not find the Expander with Tasmota, but on the ESPhome website:

Correct, Tasmota does not seem to support the PCF8575.

Assuming you are working on a Windows computer, the basic steps are:

Good luck.
If you encounter any problems during flashing the fastest way to get help is through their forums.

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Looks like…