15 amp in wall zwave

Looking for a 15 amp zwave switch, not a wall switch but rather one that goes in-line, inside the wall box. I had an FS20z that died. Looking for something that will work loner. Any suggestions? This is to switch power to a roof mounted avap cooler motor.

**Edit, I should go on the safe side and look for a 20 amp switch. Or confirm that my 3/4 HP motor won’t draw more than 15 amps…

Hi Drew,

Not sure what your home automation setup is, but for a wall box application I would recommend something that has an Amp rating of 30% or more than the application. I don’t use zwave but looking at some of their products, for the amp rating needed, its a bit pricey.

For similar motor control applications I use Crouzet GNA5 Solid State Rely. 24-280 vac 25amp controllable via 3-32 vdc. I’ve found them on e-bay for $10 and this is an industrial quality relay. If you have another small device for handling the 3-32 vdc control side such as an Esp8266 this would make a very reliable setup.

I am not familiar with this type of setup but I am intrigued. This device for example would be a 25 amp setup, that I just need something to signal it to turn on and off?

Arduino is something I’d like to explore, but it might be a while before I can fully dive in. I’d probably look for something I can already control to signal the solid state relay.

I’ve decided to put a 25A AC controlled solid state relay on my aeotc z-wave switch.

That way the 15A zwave device just needs to operate the SSR, it in turn operates the motor with its 25A capacity.

Thanks @H102

I don’t know of any Zwave switch to provide more than 10A (and I went to have a look because of your post).
The alternative is to get a relay like those shown here and use the actuator to trigger the relay.
The actuator then can be any ZWave switch or even other OH-supported technology.