2.3 install on Synology dsm doesnt work

OpenHAB 2.3 Installation on Synology NAS
DSM 6 doesnt work. Spk isnt installing. 2.2 does work as described

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Same here openHAB- does not start, files seems to be missing
openHAB- does install and start

I’m on DSM 6.1, DS415+

Is your version of DSM up to date? I’m running DSM 6.1.7-15284 with OH without issue.

Have you updated to Java8?

It also looks like in version they fixed an issue with packages not starting.

latest spk works flawless on xpenology 6.1.7
mind that a extra folder is needed now to.
if choosen i use following pre created folder on my public drive.


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