2.4 MQTT Broker Empty Client ID errors

I’ve recently upgraded to openHAB 2.4, and with the upgrade – I managed to kill all of my MQTT devices.
I’m in the process of setting that back up again with the embedded MQTT broker and the 2.4 MQTT binding.

All is going well so far, and I can actually send and receive mqtt commands to topics, but I constantly see this error in the logs:

2019-02-18 20:52:41.065 [ERROR] [.moquette.spi.impl.ProtocolProcessor] - The MQTT client ID cannot be empty. Username=openhabian

This spams about once every 2 seconds, and I can only remove it by uninstalling the embedded MQTT broker.
I’ve checked the client ID for my mqtt broker, and it’s not null. It’s got a “pahoXXXXXXX” id.
Again, I can send and receive mqtt messages, so it’s working OK.

I’ve read that this was related to the version of the paho-mqtt library used in mqtt here, but it was supposedly fixed and I can’t seem to update it myself.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

If you used mosquitto before stick to it.

agreed. IMO the embedded broker isn’t ready for prime time. * I’m just an end user who has had way too many issues with things breaking with the embedded broker and this is MY opinion.

Fair enough. I switched back to mosquitto as the broker and everything seems to be happy again. Thanks.