2.5 Release Planning


I know that many of you are waiting since a long time and have regularly asked for the date of the 2.5 release. Well, we have finally agreed on a schedule!

The 2.5.0 Release is planned for December 15, 2019.

To get there, we have today released another milestone (2.5.0.M5) and will do another one in two weeks time, i.e. 2.5.0.M6 on December 1. We will try to merge as many new bindings as possible by that date, so please help us on providing updates on review feedback in a timely manner. In exceptional cases, we will also still merge bindings until the 2.5 code freeze on December 8, which we will mark with a 2.5.0.RC1 build. The last week before the final release is then reserved for intensive testing by the community, so that there’s still a chance to fix critical issues before the release.

Looking forward to another big release in just a month from now!



Just FTR, we are running slightly late with the RC1 build - plan is now to do it by tomorrow night (Dec 9) with one day delay. The final release date won’t be impacted by this, though!