2 Alexas do different with the same command


until Yesterday we had an Alexa and with the Command “Alexa, Light on” the light in Room 1 turned on.
now we have a second in the next room. In this room the light schould turnd on with the same command ("Light on).
is this posible? “Knows” Alexe (or openhab) from which Room/Device the Command was registered?

i know i can add the Room Name in the commands but it would be smarter if alexa/openhab can do it without the room name

have someone an instrunction or an example for me?

Thanks for the help and happy easter

here you find your information: Alexa Voice Command Room Awareness via OH :wink:

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You wouldn’t need to use this workaround for lights. This can be accomplished in the Alexa app by adding the relevant light devices and echo device to a room specific group.

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Thx this works for me

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