2 Charts in one row in basicui

I’m having a problem with basic ui in oh2
In my sitemap i have 2 charts. But they are shown in 2 rows, not in one.
How to fix this?

 Frame label="Temperatur/Luftfeuchtigkeit"{
                Text item=TEMP_WOHNZIMMER label="Temperatur [%.1f °C]"
                Text item=LUFT_WOHNZIMMER label="Luftfeuchtigkeit [%.1f %%]"
                Chart item=TEMP_WOHNZIMMER period=3D refresh=600
                Chart item=LUFT_WOHNZIMMER period=3D refresh=600

+1 Same question from my side. Is there no solution available?

Found a workaround via HTML layout:

Put this file into the “html” folder (in my case was the name poolsolartemp_D.html); adjust the url’s according to your needs:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<body bgcolor="white">
<font face=arial>
<img src=",PoolSolarTempPumpe,PoolSolarTempDach&period=D" style="width: 100%;">
<img src="" style="width: 100%;">

In the sitemap you don’t display the charts itself anymore, but the html page instead:

Webview item=Dummy url="" height=9