2 instances of openhab - advice please

After some advice please. i have openhab installed at home with lots of config, all working well.

I have a boat too, the boat network and the home network are linked via lan-lan VPN which is mostly stable. I have devices on the boat too that connect over the VPN to OH at home with rules for automation. I also have a Pi on board not currently used for OH.

Sometimes the VPN isn’t available and i’m wondering if i should have a boat instance of OH along with the home instance, or just continue using the single instance and put up with losing automation when the VPN is down.

Are there any known issues running 2 production instances of OH on the same network?

Cheers, Colin

Not as long as they have distinct ip addresses on non-overlapping networks. I regularly run 1 mor more test instances on the same network as my Production openHAB.

Ok cool, I’ve. 10. network and a 192. network. Should be fine then…

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You should also look into the Remote openHAB binding (OH 3) or MQTT 2.5 Event Bus to link the two instances where necessary.


Thank you. Oooh ok. I can’t think of any use cases for linking the 2. Do any spring to mind to you?

you said you have stuff on your boat connected to the OH instance at home and have rules there that do something on the boat. This wouldn’t be possible running two OH instances even if they are connected with a site-to-site VPN. With the remote binding or the MQTT event Bus this would be possible again

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