2 serial z-wave controllers

Hello everyone!
Could somebody please-please-please help with configuration of 2 serial z-wave controllers?

Now I have Z-Wave 869MHz RU and Z-Wave 868.4MHz EU serial controllers. But when I’ve connected second one, it works as main controller, first controller and network is not available.
I heart its possible to add controller manually, but where to do it, which interface?

Ok, resolved.
Habmin to use. Add new thing by z-wave binding. And configure port after that.
Now I have 2 z-wave controllers. Inclusion mode enabled at both controllers.

Please check whether your controllers are compatible with the regulations at your place. Using radio devices that are not using the locally allowed frequencies is deemed illegal in most places. That is the reason these controllers exist in different varities in the first place.
You are at risk of legal actions taken against you and it is against the rules of this community to help you with such a setup.

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I know of no country where running that is legal. Those are 2 different world regions. I would normally help but not for something illegal.

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