2 USB Sticks on raspi with openhabian 1.3

Hello, I am struggling with a beginners issue: I plan to migrate my installation from FHEM to openhab. I have a z-Wave and a CUL (Busware) stick working perfectly with FHEM on a raspi3.

On the Openhabian-Installation I get either my z-Wave or by Cul-Stick (Intertechno Binding) on /dev/ttyACM0 working by not both of them (of course on different serial ports.

ls /dev/tty* indicates that I have ttyACM0, ttyAMA0 and ttyS0 available.
Thank you for the help!

Maybe this tutorial will be of help. Give it a try.

I also have a Z-Wave stick as well as a busware CUL and they are perfectly working in OH2.

GREAT Tutorial, thank you.
I followed step by step and it works. Now starting the migration.
You made made my day.

I also used to use FHEM. I migrated some months ago and I am not regretting it :wink: